3 NEW STORIES for 2018 – Coming Soon!




After a fatal injury in the nation’s capital, first female Green Beret, Asha Hawkins, awakes in another world-The Quantum Zone-and meets Major David Allan (Duty Recall). In a place where nothing is what it seems to be, Asha embarks on a mission back to earth and is met by demonic forces trying to stop her.


Under her mentor, Major David Allan, Asha Hawkins completes her training and her battles with demonic forces in the Quantum Zone before returning to earth. Going back in time for a mission in the Zagros Mountains between Iraq and Iran, Asha tries to unravel and prevent the mysterious multiple deaths of American soldiers in the Great Zab Valley. 



They didn't expect the worldto notice them at all


After the war, Special Forces Captain, Mike Snyder, returns to Sinjar in northern Iraq to live with the Yazidis and immerse himself within their culture. Becoming  one with them in spirit…and with the Kurdish girl, Keje (“A girl of radiant beauty”), Captain Snyder has sworn an oath to protect them against the brutal ISIS regime…even when it means fighting against his own. 


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