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A coming of age story about a modern American military soldier who served in the U.S. Army. Spanning from 1980 to 2005, Scott vividly, candidly, and insightfully describes Army life through training, beginning a family, behind the wall in East Berlin, and four deployments to the Middle East, culminating with a Bronze Star for actions in Iraq. Both, an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer, Scott reveals behind the scenes vignettes throughout his career, such as encounters with the KGB in East Berlin, interrogations with Iraqi prisoners during Desert Storm, and obtaining information leading to the capture of Saddam Hussein. A story you will not want to miss!


Everything in Army Major David Allan’s life changes in an instant when the C-5 Galaxy he was on was shot down over the desert of Iraq in 2003. The only survivor, Major Allan awakens from a three-month coma only to discover that he has somehow gone back to the year 1991. His wife Sherry and his two kids are the same as he remembered them twelve years earlier. His position, unit, home; everything is the same as it was twelve years before his fateful moment in Iraq. David finds himself trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together, and discovers that history is running the same course as it had throughout the nineties. Stark realization sets in as the Oklahoma City bombing looms ahead. Will he try to prevent this catastrophic event from happening? Can he do so without implicating himself? How will it affect world historic events of the future, like the horrors of 9/11?


American Special Forces soldier, Ron Hawkins, rescues Afghan girl, Sarah Rajiv, from a Taliban execution. Surviving on the run through the harsh Hindu Kush Mountains, a bond emerges through their religious and cultural differences, one that progresses to an incredible love story! But for the prince & the princess to find paradise, they must first survive the ruthless pursuit of the evil Taliban.


 The epic tale of Love in the House of War continues as Staff Sergeant Ron Hawkins and Sarah Rajiv escape from the evil clutches of Al-Qaeda led Taliban forces and discover the ultimate thrill of triumph…and the anguish of heart-breaking defeat.


Thirteen years have passed since Green Beret, Ron Hawkins, rescued Sarah from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Now living her dream in Paradise, the proud Army wife has earned her Physician Assistant credentials while raising three children, often in his absence. When Ron is suddenly sent to Iraq on a Top Secret Mission, Sarah and the three kids, Asha, Caleb, and Seth, unite as they wait anxiously for his safe return home. Ron confronts two enemies in the war zone—the physical face-to-face encounter with the evil forces of ISIS, and the emotional, spiritual, internal battle with the beautiful CIA agent—Lyna.


Young Asha Hawkins, daughter of Ron and Sarah is the Millennial Girl…first female Green Beret. A suspense-thrilling, coming of age book addressing Human Trafficking and robotic replication. When the daughter of the President’s bodyguard is kidnapped, he summons Lieutenant Asha Hawkins for a Top Secret mission. Asha, wrestling with her own “demons”, must penetrate the highly guarded Smith Cybernetics enterprise, a multi-billion dollar network funded by the largest banks and top government agencies across the globe. When Smith learns from a high level inside source that Lieutenant Hawkins is coming after him, he devises his own diabolical scheme for Asha and her team.


Special Forces (Millennial Girl) Asha Hawkins continues her pursuit of the diabolical cartel using human traffic victims in experimental robotic humanoid replication. Along with Rachel and Jerica Hyatt, they go undercover into a ruthless underworld of human traffickers, cybernetic criminals, and government operatives—all who will protect their secrets at any cost.

The two-book Millennial Girl series addresses the fallout of today’s war-torn and fractured nation-states and the resulting Human Traffic world epidemic.





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