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Stone in a Sling-coverLast June, I shared some about my writing—my inspiration, motivation, and purpose…my writing—style, characters, setting, and most of all, the message, which come from a life time of experiences as a missionary kid (“MK) and twenty-five years in the Army. So, having seen much of the world (no, not all of it), I write stories with the expression of hope, truth, and the acknowledgement of God—in today’s world setting of good versus evil, life and death, reality and imagination.

My genres include almost all of them: military romance, suspense thrillers, mystery, fantasy, futuristic, time travel, and general human interest…poetry in short story prose. I do not write horror or erotica. The underlying theme of my writing aims to penetrate the soul by exposing the feeling of both the oppressed and the victorious.

Additionally, a spiritual emphasis is placed through the characters’ actions, praise and worship of God, the heart of forgiveness, thankfulness, trust, and salvation. Just as normal people experience everyday life, my characters suffer heartache, defeat, temptations, and anxiety. Usually, they are able to overcome them by their heroic actions and faith in God.

In the past year, my books have been contracted with Creativia Publishing ( You can find them on Amazon:

Since the beginning of 2018, Creativia has published three of my books that had been self-published in the past:

Love in the House of War: 

Millennial Girl: 

Stone in a Sling: A Soldier’s Journey: (Old site-Creativia link coming soon!) 

Each of them have new covers (See attached).

Generally speaking, an author loves to engage with his/her readers. I am no exception. I would love to converse and as they say in the Army, “Swap war stories.” Believe it or not, we often will use your (readers) ideas to implement in a storyline and even some of us will give you full credits.

So, if you have time, please visit and become a fan! Watch for future opportunities to win prizes, such as free books, Amazon gift cards, and other items.

Signing off for now.

Scott A. Meehan

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The American Soldiers Will Come

rs=w_1136,h_568,cg_true“The Americans will come here?”
“I would say so…yes. Just like the Russians did just before you were born.”
 “Will we be safe, papa?”
“If we help the Americans and not fight them, we should be safe. We will continue to do our duty to help people with their medical needs.”
“Will Uncle Abdul fight with the Americans?”
 “I think he will. We must leave for Dehi tomorrow and set up a clinic there. His men will need our help.”
Sarah had mixed emotions–apprehension about the dangers of being in the middle of war…yet a tinge of excitement about the possibility of meeting an American soldier. Rumors concerning American soldiers swirled through the villages and towns.
“We will leave tomorrow?” Sarah asked.
“Yes, my child. Tomorrow.”
The next morning, Dr. Rajiv and Sarah loaded their white Toyota pickup with medical supplies and clothing. “You seem cheerful this morning my little princess.”
Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “I’m always cheerful, papa. You said so yourself.”
The five-foot, seven-inch thin man shook his head. “This will not be an easy journey. Things will be different when the Americans come. There will be fighting like before…when the Russians were here.”
“We will see the Americans in Dehi?”
Dr. Rajiv eyed her suspiciously. “It is possible. Are you ready to travel? You have everything you want to take?”
“Yes papa, I am ready.”
“Get in. Let’s go.”
Sarah slid into the passenger seat adjusting her blue burka in the process. Their Toyota exited the walled compound and headed northwest towards the Samangan valley.
“One hundred kilometers to Samangan,” Sarah volunteered.
“Yes, more or less.”
“We will eat lunch there?”
“Yes, we will eat, pick up more supplies and complete our journey to Dehi.”
“That will be another 104 kilometers,” Sarah added, looking at a map on her lap.
“Indeed. But, the road will be harder so it will take longer.”
“Then maybe I will sleep now.”
“You did not sleep last night?”
“Not very well. I kept thinking about the…trip to Dehi.”
Dr. Rajiv glanced at her before returning his gaze on the road.
Sarah laid her head back and closed her eyes. If those missionary girls were right, I could possibly meet my prince to take me away from this place and live in paradise, she thought.
“Yes papa?”
“What are you thinking?”
“Hmm. Do you remember when I told you about the dream I had last summer?”
“The one with the prince saving the princess?”
“Yes, that one.”
From, “Love in the House of War”
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Girl Alone Part 1

LandingI departed the veiled Kingdom of the Arabian Peninsula after four months. On my way to a new destination, I looked through the small portal of the C-130 aircraft and saw a land forsaken—void of springs and living water. Saudi Arabia was no different. Both places might well have been the dark side of the moon.

Being clothed in various brown and tan patterns, as if in garments of salvation, identified me as a soldier. With the red, white, and blue flag sewn on my shoulder, an American soldier—arrayed in a robe of righteousness.

Our plane began spiraling down in a corkscrew landing, when an Airman approached me. “Sir, we’re starting to land now if you’ll take your seat please.”

I nodded my head and tried not to stumble my way back to the olive-colored canvas seats attached to the red-strapped backrest. Daylight was fading. Darkness would soon cover the earth.

Leaving Saudi Arabia for Iraq was equivalent to jumping from a frying pan into the fire—there was a war. It was as if God tested me in one place to refine me in the other.

If we were going to bring about any vindication to this desolate, war-torn land, I thought, I would need to arise each day and shine my light in a gloomy place…for the next eight months.


It was during that period, amidst the almost daily bombing on our base at Camp Anaconda, I learned the Iraqi culture…not Sunni, Shi’a, Kurdish, or Christian, but Iraqi—through the eyes of entrepreneurs…Iraqi men and women conducting business.

I was a Contingency Contracting Officer and my job was to procure the best products, supplies, and services from local businesses for our American service members, both men and women. Our forces amounted to more than twenty-five thousand in our sector alone. It was a 0700 hours wakeup-to-midnight-bedtime routine…seven days a week—with three meals and a workout.

By learning the Iraqi business culture, I was successful in building and establishing a long-term and wide range trust base…one that paid strategic dividends. Highlights included hundreds of contracts, which supplied hard steel installed on our transport vehicles…that stopped bullets; portable ECU units to keep our soldiers cool in the blazing heat and warm in the bitter cold.

The ultimate show of trust however was when one vendor confided in me that his “cousins” knew important information but did not trust any Americans…until he told them about me. So, they agreed to travel to Balad from Baghdad—a dangerous trek, to share their knowledge.

When they arrived, the four of us departed the crowds and went to an empty field. “What would you like to tell me?” I asked.

The vendor translated my question in Arabic to the two men. One of them explained something in Arabic.

Turning to me, the vendor spoke. “He said that they know where one of Saddam’s hideouts is in Baghdad. It is a safe house with his officers and members of his team.”

“This is very important information,” I told him. As discussed the day before, I reminded him, “They will still tell my friends this story?”

The vendor looked at them and asked a question in Arabic. They both agreed. He looked at me and nodded his head.

“Come on,” I said in Arabic. “Follow me.”

I brought them to a pre-arranged room with three members of the military intelligence community waiting…and left them there. Two hours later, they returned to my contracting office. We had a small discussion—outside the building, and then they departed. I never saw any of them again.

Ten days later, American soldiers lifted a scraggly old man from a small hole in the ground. “I am Saddam Hussein,” he announced.

Later, I discovered that one of Hussein’s drivers told the Americans where he was hiding. Where did they find this driver? Soldiers rounded him up in the Baghdad safe house along with many others…the same safe house known by the vendor’s “cousins.”

To be continued…

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Asha’s Ramblins’ I’m Back!

sensualHey everyone, Asha here for some ramblins’.  Been a couple of weeks—did you miss me? Probably didn’t even notice. Oh well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate too much. Yep, I said ATE TOO much—like me. Hee hee, haa haa.

Ya wanna know what I did for Thanksgiving? I’ll tell ya anyway—smuh. My brothers, my sister, and I went with my dad to eastern Tennessee to visit my grandmother for Thanksgiving.

            Over the meadows and through the woods, to grandma’s house we went. (Yes, I was singing it—hee hee, haa haa).

Anyway—oh, my mom went too…but, she didn’t camp in the woods overnight and go hunting early the next morning like we did. So guess what we hunted for? If you guessed Turkey—you are wrong, but it was a good guess. I thought we would hunt Turkey but Turkey season ended on November 3rd. So, we hunted Quail but had to stop after bagging our quota of 6. Grandma fixed up some Quail soup to go with our Thanksgiving dinner and it was really yummy.

Then we all went back home to Clarksville and back to school. The best part about that is I’m playing basketball on the Girls varsity team. I score my fair share of points and we are doing okay with a 4-2 record. We won our last game, 68-15. Not much of a game really.

Want to know what’s cool though? Major Scott has five books up for the Book Of The Year Awards sponsored by Turning the Pages literary magazine and Promotions. Here’s a picture of the ones in the running:

   If you click on the picture, the link will take you to the voting and you get to vote! You know I’m there, because I’m in Two Tickets to Paradise as an eleven year-old.  Okay, now this is going to sound weird—but, the two Millennial Girl books, part one (Green Beret) and part two (Urgent) are about me—yep, yours truly…in the year 2025 when I will be 23 years old. Mull over that a bit.

Okay, gotta run. Um, verse of the day—my dad’s version:

“…my righteousness will be before me and the glory of the Lord will be my ‘six’” Isaiah 58-8

It really says “rear guard” but my dad said, “Six.”


Asha (One Each)

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Asha’s Ramblins’ Martial Arts

portraitHey everybody, Asha here with another week of Ramblins’. Since I just completed my homework (blah) I have time before dinner to throw something out there while I’m still on my school-given MacBook Pro. Cool huh?

So, the Holiday season, my favorite time of year, is coming up beginning with Thanksgiving! We will have our annual Thanksgiving Feast next Monday, November 20 at our school. Our whole family usually takes part when we can, and this year my dad will be home! Yea!

Also, I never mentioned it before, but I’m on the Robotics team and yesterday we visited a local fire department for a Hydrodynamics Project. Basically, we’re doing research on water transportation during fire rescue. I’m still waiting for an Android trip one of these days…

Oh, I completed my transition from taking Karate lessons, which I have been doing since I was seven and started Jiu-jitsu. Why? Because I wanted to—hee hee, ha ha. No, actually, I want to attend the Military Academy at West Point after I graduate and well—I just want to be ready, ya know? Jiu-jitsu is a Japanese martial art emphasizing close combat against an armed opponent.

One last thing before I close. Major Scott has decided to re-release all of his older versions of books with different covers and even the ones he did under his pen name, Al M. Scott when he was publishing with Tate. He will slowly begin adding the links and blurbs on his website:

The Major’s grandson, Hunter, is in the hospital with a respiratory virus. Please remember him in prayer! I certainly will.

Verse of the week:

God is not far from any of us. For in him we live and move and exist—Acts 17:28


Asha Hawkins (One each)

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Asha’s Ramblins’ = Veterans Day

looking downHello everyone—Asha here for another week of Ramblins’. I’m excited about this one—you know why? Yep, Veterans Day coming up! This is the special day we can pay tribute to all who served, like my dad and Major Scott…and in the future—me too! I want to be the first female Special Forces soldier to qualify in all phases and receive the Green Beret. That’s my dream anyway.

So, Veterans Day! Are you going to participate in or watch a parade or some other activity? In the past, my dad always took advantage of a free breakfast, lunch and dinner from different participating restaurants around town. Wanna know what’s cool about this year’s Veterans Day? It’s on Saturday! Yep, that’s right. My brothers, sister, and me get to go with him this year to all the restaurants! I plan to indulge in a food fest—hee hee, ha ha. I know my brothers will too.

On behalf of our Veterans, I would like simply to share two video trailers—one that has already been released and the other coming soon. The one coming up in January 2018 is about the same battles that my dad was in when he met my mom. Please watch!


 Chris Hemsworth plays my dad’s boss!

Well ~ I’m touched because it is more than close to home—it is home!

Verse of the day:

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”—Isaiah  43:1

Until next week-Bah

Asha (One each)

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Asha’s Ramblins’ Tribute to Brats & MKs

Source: Asha’s Ramblins’ Tribute to Brats & MKs

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Asha’s Ramblins’ Tribute to Brats & MKs

portraitHey everyone – Asha here with this week’s Ramblins’. I hope everyone is good. I’ve been able to escape the sniffles, cough, and sore throat so far but my mom and oldest brother were affected.

Well, congrats to the Houston Astros! I’m glad they won because although I follow the National League, the Dodgers beat my Cubs. Aaggh. I wasn’t down with that. MLB was classy with the National Anthem, thank God. Oh, did you see Carlos Correa propose to his girlfriend? Very cool!

Now, back to this week’s Ramblins’ that is going to be a tribute to military Brats and MKs. If you are not familiar with either term, I’ll explain. The military brat, in which I am one, is simply the child of a parent in the military. We have our own subculture identity because our families move often, sometimes with great distances throughout our youth. This is because, of course, our parents get assignments from one installation to other installations nearly every three years. So obviously, we develop our own subculture because we have been exposed to so much diversity within our own country and sometimes other countries.

So, what about MKs? That stands for Missionary Kids. One of my best friend is a missionary kid and she just moved away. I’m really sad—which prompted me to ramble about this. We did so much together because we could identify with diverse cultures. They go through the same thing we do.
Fortunately, I have not traveled around as much as many other kids I know. This is because my dad is in the Special Forces and belongs to a Team. Whenever he leaves, it is to places that are temporary and none of us can go with him.

We did have one move. Right after he came back from that Top Secret mission in 2014 that the Major wrote about, we moved to MacDill Air Force in Tampa, Florida. Since we knew it would only be for three years, we lived on base housing and rented our home in Tennessee, outside of Fort Campbell.
Those years in Tampa were interesting—my seventh, eight, and ninth grade years. Let’s just say I’m glad to be back at Clarksville Academy where I remain quite active. Next Friday, we will have our Veterans Day special at the school. I love that day! My dad takes me to places to eat for free on that day too.

I got a bit off track-sorry. I started thinking about free food—hee hee, ha ha. You know who else was a MK? Major Scott—before he joined the Army. When he was growing up, he lived in seven states and three other countries during his twelve years of school. Wow, I can’t even imagine that many. Then of course, he joined the Army, got married and had kids of his own. His “military brats” lived in six states and a foreign country and moved at least ten times.

So for this upcoming Veterans Day, let’s pay tribute to our Veterans and the Military Brats together. As for me, I’m going to remember the MKs also in tribute to my friend Nicole, who moved away—sniff sniff…and Major Scott.

Verse of the day: The noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand-Isaiah 32:8
‘til next week,

Asha (One each)

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Asha’s Ramblins’ Isaiah 12

night portrait outside, model is leaned on the wallHey everyone, it’s me Asha! How was your week? Mine was okay—you know, school, karate lessons, family time—all that jazz. Remember my last ramblin’ when I told you I went to our Homecoming Dinner? After Chris brought me home, my brother Caleb was taking a bunch of pictures so I was messing around like a model for him. He sent me this one and said I could use it with my next Ramblin’. He’s a good photographer—I think so anyway.

So, you probably already know how much I love to read books. I have my own personal library and try to read one book per week. Yep, I read lots of books. If you want to know what I like to read the most, you’ll have to ask me—on my pages. Here are the links:  (Scroll to the bottom) (Bottom of page) (Bottom of page)


One book I love reading, especially during my quiet time, is the Holy Bible. I have read through it twice. Although there are a lot of mysterious scriptures, I believe that it is God’s word to the human race.

Recently, I came across some words from Isaiah chapter 12. After meditating on it a bit, I came up with a way to remember it in a distinctive way. I call it, “358”. I’ll explain:

God is three things to me according to Isaiah 12:2—my salvation, strength, and defense. Because this is so, I can react in five ways, according to Isaiah 12:2-5—trust, not be afraid, be joyful, praise Him, and tell the world how great He is. The eight? Well, three plus five equals eight—hee hee, ha ha.

I have a prayer that is like this: Lord, because you are my salvation, I will praise your name and proclaim it to the world. Since you are my strength, I will rejoice and be glad. And, because you are my defense, I will trust and not be afraid. Cool, right? It helps that I know karate for that last part about defense. Ha.


The only other thing I wanted to say is that Major Scott is doing well and has several book projects up his sleeve. He will send out a newsletter to those who subscribed for one. He was reluctant at first but there were readers at the BookFest that wanted his newsletter. So, if you want one too, just respond to one of those links I added earlier.

Okay, gotta go. Until next week ~


Asha (One each)

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Asha’s Ramblins’ Birthdays and Anniversaries

red roseHello everyone! Asha here with more ramblins’. You know what? This past week, including today, has been very special in so many ways! Want to know why? Of course you do. Hee hee ha ha.

Well, last Friday night I went to our Homecoming football game (we won big) and I was on the Homecoming court representing our awesome sophomore class! Cool, huh? Then the next night, I went to the Homecoming dinner, which was really cool—and yes, I had a date. His name is Chris and you can read about him in, The Hawkins: Army of One. We’ve been good friends for a long time. His parents and my parents are really good friends too.

The other cool thing? I turned 15 today! Yep, I can get my driving permit now!! I’m so excited! Oh, you know what my dad did to me? He stuck an alarm clock under my bed last night and set it to go off at 0100, which is 1:00 AM for you civilians. I woke up frantically searching for the thing blasting the crazy song call Jump, by Van Halen, and I was doing exactly that—jumping all around looking for it. When I finally found it under my bed, I fumbled in the dark to turn it off and when I finally did, I could hear my parents laughing. So I yelled, “Ha ha! Payback is a…” Don’t worry, I stopped right there.

My mom says, “A what?”

I answered, “Nothing—but I will think of something.”

Well, after finally getting back to sleep, the annoying thing went off again at 0200—yes, 2:00AM!! This time I grabbed that little—alarm and yanked the batteries out of it before going back to bed. My dad is really going to pay—ooogh he’s going to pay.

Besides my birthday, the Major’s birthday is today! Happy Birthday Major Scott! He and his wife also had an Anniversary this past Tuesday. It was their 36th!! Happy Anniversary Major Scott! How cool is that? He told me that he got married at age 22 and two days later on their honeymoon, his wife baked him a chocolate cake! That’s awesome! I think maybe, whenever I get married, I want to have a wedding on my birthday! Maybe my husband will bake me a cake? Hee hee ha ha.

You should see the Major’s post on Facebook—there’s a cool verse about finding a wife of noble character. He found his wife in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador! How cool is that?

Until next week ~ Bah!

Asha Hawkins (One each)

Verse of the day: Surely God is my Salvation; I will trust and not be afraid-Isaiah 12:2

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