Asha’s Ramblins’ Birthdays and Anniversaries

red roseHello everyone! Asha here with more ramblins’. You know what? This past week, including today, has been very special in so many ways! Want to know why? Of course you do. Hee hee ha ha.

Well, last Friday night I went to our Homecoming football game (we won big) and I was on the Homecoming court representing our awesome sophomore class! Cool, huh? Then the next night, I went to the Homecoming dinner, which was really cool—and yes, I had a date. His name is Chris and you can read about him in, The Hawkins: Army of One. We’ve been good friends for a long time. His parents and my parents are really good friends too.

The other cool thing? I turned 15 today! Yep, I can get my driving permit now!! I’m so excited! Oh, you know what my dad did to me? He stuck an alarm clock under my bed last night and set it to go off at 0100, which is 1:00 AM for you civilians. I woke up frantically searching for the thing blasting the crazy song call Jump, by Van Halen, and I was doing exactly that—jumping all around looking for it. When I finally found it under my bed, I fumbled in the dark to turn it off and when I finally did, I could hear my parents laughing. So I yelled, “Ha ha! Payback is a…” Don’t worry, I stopped right there.

My mom says, “A what?”

I answered, “Nothing—but I will think of something.”

Well, after finally getting back to sleep, the annoying thing went off again at 0200—yes, 2:00AM!! This time I grabbed that little—alarm and yanked the batteries out of it before going back to bed. My dad is really going to pay—ooogh he’s going to pay.

Besides my birthday, the Major’s birthday is today! Happy Birthday Major Scott! He and his wife also had an Anniversary this past Tuesday. It was their 36th!! Happy Anniversary Major Scott! How cool is that? He told me that he got married at age 22 and two days later on their honeymoon, his wife baked him a chocolate cake! That’s awesome! I think maybe, whenever I get married, I want to have a wedding on my birthday! Maybe my husband will bake me a cake? Hee hee ha ha.

You should see the Major’s post on Facebook—there’s a cool verse about finding a wife of noble character. He found his wife in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador! How cool is that?

Until next week ~ Bah!

Asha Hawkins (One each)

Verse of the day: Surely God is my Salvation; I will trust and not be afraid-Isaiah 12:2

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Contest, new series, excerpt

IMG_2294Ron Hawkins and I agreed to go with this picture of him after he gave his daughter such a hard time yesterday.

I wanted to tell you about the third book in the Army Brat series, titled Millennial Girl. The reason Asha cannot tell you about it is because the book is about her…when she is 23 years-old in the year 2025.

Millennial Girl is about Asha becoming the first female to earn the prestigious Green Beret and is the first book in a series featuring her role as a Special Forces operative. Personally selected by the president, she will eventually lead a new agency that specializes in fighting the world-wide epidemic of Human Trafficking.  

I also wanted to remind readers about an ongoing contest. Currently, there is a gap, between Love in the House of War and The Hawkins: Army of One, of twelve years. I’m looking for an aspiring author who would like to write a novel, novella, or a short story about Asha’s life between the ages of one and twelve. Of course, you would need to read the other two books and maybe her Ramblins’ to “paint” an accurate picture of her character.

The second contest is very similar, except the next gap is between her ages of thirteen and twenty-three. This book can also be a novel, novella, or short story covering the time period between The Hawkins: Army of One and Millennial Girl. These gaps were intentional to provide the opportunity through author-reader participation. If you are interested in participating, please respond to one of the following contact links:

I am now going to close with an excerpt from The Hawkins: Army of One involving a conversation between Master Sergeant Ron Hawkins and his daughter, Asha Hawkins, just before he is deployed on a Top-Secret mission.

Asha waited patiently for her dad to finish with Caleb. She sat on the side of the bed when he peered around the door. Patting the spot next to her, she said, “Right here, dad. I need a word with you.”

Ron chuckled as he sat down. “Oh, you do, do ya?”

“Yes, and I have an order to give you,” Asha began sternly as if being in the military.

“Yes, ma’am!” Ron answered, sitting rigidly.

“You will complete your mission safely,” she said with emphasis, “and come back quickly so you can take me on a father-daughter date!”

“Well now, that sounds like an order I better follow to the letter.”

“And—and we will both be such a cool couple and in perfect health…right dad?”

“Oh, you betcha,” Ron interjected noticing that Asha’s voice had trailed with a little quiver before she finished. Placing his arm around her he added, “Yes, Ma’am! My beautiful angel, it’s a date!”

“Oh, dad,” Asha managed just before breaking down with sobs.

Ron held his daughter, running his hand through her hair and kissing her on the forehead. “God will be with me Asha. Everything will be fine. You’ll see. Please be strong for your mother and me. She’ll really need you.”

Asha tried to stop crying abruptly and began wiping away her tears. “I—I’m sorry dad, I…”

“No, no, no, it’s okay, Asha. You have every right to feel the way you do. I’m gonna really miss you, girl!” Ron said, trying to hold the tears back himself. “I will take you to anyplace you want to go on our date…as soon as I get back.”

Asha smiled. “Promise me you’ll come back dad.”

Ron stared into his twelve-year-old daughter’s brown glistening eyes. “I promise Asha.”

“I love you dad.”

“I love you too, honey. I love you so much,” he stressed while holding her close. “Now try to get some sleep, alright?”

“It will be very hard to do.”

“Would you like me to read you a book?” Ron asked jokingly.

Biting her lower lip, Asha answered, “Um—could you just quote me something comforting?”

“Sure can. ‘Over everything Gods glory will be a canopy. It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.”

“Thanks dad. Was that from the Bible?”

“Yep—Isaiah chapter 4.”

As Ron got up to leave, Asha reached into the drawer of her night stand and pulled out her Bible, stopping at the Table of Contents. “I found it.”

“Goodnight Asha.”

Asha jumped from the bed and wrapped her arms around Ron. “Goodnight dad—and don’t forget your promise.”

Looking over Asha’s shoulder while returning her hug, he spotted the Bible left on her bed. “Never.”


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Asha’s Ramblins’ History for the Reader

natural look beauty portrait

Hello everyone! It’s me, Asha, of course. I hope ya’ll are doing well and had a great week. Today, I would like to talk about the Major’s books and how my family and I fit into the big picture—give a little historical perspective.

First, Major Scott has lived quite a unique life. His parents were missionaries and he attended thirteen different schools in twelve years that included places like Chicago, East Tennessee, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia, where he graduated.

If that wasn’t enough, he joined the Army less than four years after graduation and served at Fort Bragg, Fort Sam Houston, and Berlin. He was an AirBorne medic for seven years before he left the Army to get his Bachelor’s Degree and join ROTC.

When the Major completed college in 1989 with a BA in Secondary Education, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in Military Intelligence. During his remaining fifteen years before retiring in 2005, he was deployed to the Middle East three times, earning a Bronze Star in 2004. After retirement, he went back to Iraq for his fourth deployment as a contractor.

Holding a MA degree in Information Management and a MBA in Business Administration, he now lives in Orlando, Florida, teaches Business and Computer courses at a local college, and of course, he writes books. The Major enjoys weekends with his wife, two grown kids, their spouses, and four grandchildren. Living near Disney World, Sea World, and Universal has its advantages. : )

I share all of this with you so that you, the reader, might have a better understanding about his writings—his diversity, multi-cultural experience, exciting adventures, and uniqueness, especially with his characters—like me. Hee hee, ha ha.

So that you will not be confused by Major Scott’s numerous books, he always edits after a proof and since he has been doing his own book covers lately, you may see some of them with the same name but different covers. He may also have the same story line under two different titles.

Beginning with his non-fiction memoir, there are several covers for Stone in a Sling and two covers for All I Could Be. Next, he wrote a time travel novella, titled Eternal Eye when published by iUniverse. He changed that title to Duty Recall when he became independent.

Then, Major Scott signed a contract with Tate Publishing and had the pen name, Al M. Scott, but they eventually went out of business, leading him back to being fully independent. He published two titles with Tate, the original, Love in the House of War and Flame in Paradise. He has since changed the name of the second one to The Hawkins: Army of One. There are several different covers for each of these mentioned.

My dad meets my mom in Love in the House of War, and there is an exciting surprise at the very end! The sequel, The Hawkins: Army of One introduces me as an twelve year-old about to turn thirteen. This novella also introduces my two brothers, Caleb and Seth, as well as my newly adopted sister, Miriam, who is part of the story plot. She is an Iraqi refugee—something the Major has personal experience with since retiring.

One last thing to tell you about Major Scott’s writings. To appease all type of readers, his books are considered novellas, however, he combined Love in the House of War with The Hawkins: Army of One as part one and part two to make it a full novel.

Recently, he condensed Love in the House of War with a more direct, fast-paced plot for the Short Story fans. That title is, The Magic Carpet Ride to Paradise. He plans to do the same with The Hawkins: Army of One, and if you want to be a part of a contest to give this a new title, submit your response to this Blog. The Major will acknowledge the name of the winner in the credits and he or she will receive a $10.00 Amazon gift card.

 Well, enough of my Ramblins’ for today. I have attached pictures of my mom (Look left-most people say I look just like her), Mariam, and Seth (below). I posted Caleb’s picture a couple weeks ago.

Mom took me to get some glamour shots for my sixteenth birthday coming up next week! (Picture at top). She and my dad said that the photos make me look older.

I asked my dad if I could post a recent photo of him and he said, “I’m not down.”

Huh? I asked, “What are you talking about?”

Then he said, “No can do.”

I asked him, “Why not?”

He kissed me on the forehead, said, “I still love ya though,” and walked away.


Verse of the week:

If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all. – Isaiah 7:9

Websites for the Major’s books:


Asha (One each)

21740545_2052401694981562_7092269282205252096_n   Pre teen boy outside at school

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Asha’s Ramblins’ Those Who Mourn

ashaHey everyone ~ Asha here. I hope y’all are having a good week…considering. I mean, the craziness in Vegas was insane! Why? Why does this happen? Well, rather than trying to dissect evil and tag a human label to satanic activity, can’t we just pick up the pieces and mourn with those who mourn? Those hurting need a comforter right now, someone who understands their pain. Thank God I have not experienced any horror like this—my dad has though…in Afghanistan and Iraq. He shared these verses with me:

“Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted” Matthew 5:4

“May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise…” Psalm 119:76

“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 9:9

He shared a lot more too but I’ll just share those three. Plus, I’m going to pray for our country and all those affected by that Vegas terror.

Sigh. On a positive note—and we need one. The Major had a successful Indie Author BookFest 2017 in Orlando, Florida last weekend. He met many great authors and readers, gained new fans, sold books, and sat on two panels. The Major was excited to see so many young aspiring authors. He gave away cool prizes, like a water bottle that had a compartment to store and charge a cell phone and another water bottle inside a canvas type cover that had a zipped pocket for a cell phone. For the final prize, he gave away a back pack filled with a few of his books! The winner was thrilled! (See pictures below-I know-I got on the Major for forgetting to take a picture of the winner with prize). Oh, he wanted me to give a shout out to the Indie Author BookFest organizers, Tawdra Kandle and Mandie Stevens for doing yet another fantastic job.

This may be a good time to remind readers that his contest is still valid…the one where he is looking for an aspiring young author. The contest is for one to write a novel, novella, or short story to fill in the gap between my birth and age 11 and/or a second book to fill in the gap between my ages 12 and 22. I think that would be so cool! By the way, Major Scott is currently working on a military mystery—not sure if I’m going to be in it though.

Remember my introduction blog? I mentioned that we are looking for other submissions to share on this site. Well, we have one from a new author—an advertisement actually.

Author S.M. Soto, the granddaughter of a Navy Veteran is launching her debut novel on October 17, 2017! THE DARKEST HOUR is a Contemporary Romance novel published with InkSpell Publishing. A brief blurb:


“Aliza Anderson’s whole world imploded three years ago, in a devastating accident that took her entire family. Her life is now filled with the lingering pain and tearful memories that continue to haunt her day and night. She merely exists. Barely living. Barely breathing. She picks up her semblance of a life and leaves a small town in Pennsylvania that holds nothing but painful memories and the excruciating weight of guilt for her past transgressions. In one of the most desirable cities in the world, she crossed paths with a man whose intensity frightened her and blue eyes captivated her. The alluring stranger was…irresistibly charming, and intensely domineering. Aliza doesn’t want to feel. She can’t. It’s safer that way. One thing about running from the secrets of your past…they always catch up and find you.”

So if you like reading Contemporary Romance, like me—hee hee ha ha, you might want to look for this novel by S. M. Soto when it is released on October 17th! I know I will!

Well, that’s it for this week ~ until next…


Asha Hawkins (One each)


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Asha’s Ramblins’ The Major’s books

beautiful young woman portrait, outdoor in dusk, blurredHey everyone ~ Asha here for more Ramblins’

You must be excited—I can tell. Actually, I was going to chime in on the NFL Flag business but the Major and my dad both advised against it…too controversial, you know. Let’s just say that I had to go out back and let off some steam with my karate skills after seeing the pregame shenanigans in London.

So, let’s talk about the Major’s books he will have at the Indie Author BookFest 2017. Remember, it is this weekend in Orlando, Florida! Don’t miss it if you are in the area! I know he will talk about me—good things of course. Hee hee, ha ha.

The Major will have his memoirs, the one titled, “All I Could Be.” That commercial, “Be All that You Can Be,” was before my time. Go figure. But if you want an insightful look into the U.S. Army from 1980 to 2005 under five different presidents, you’ll want to read this one. It’s cool too because it is an inside look at his Special Forces training, Airborne school, living in Berlin with the wall still up, and four tours to the Middle East. Did you know that he passed on the information from one of his contractors about Saddam Hussein’s people that led to his capture? He did…really!


Amazon Kindle:

Barnes & Noble:


His second book, “Duty Recall,” is about an only survivor (written in 2012) from a jet transport over the Iraqi desert in 2003. Anyway, he wakes up from a coma only to find himself back in 1991—reliving everything all over again. Remembering the past, he tries to stop the Oklahoma City bombing without implicating himself. I’ll stop there before any spoilers are given away.


Amazon Kindle:

Barnes & Noble:


His third book is awesome! This is where my dad meets my mom and saves her from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yep, she’s from there—but, her dad, my grandfather, is a Russian. Her uncle, my other grandfather, raised her because her mom, my grandmother that I never knew, was killed when mom was six weeks old. She was of Tajik descent. Whew! Got all that? Oh, the title is “Love in the House of War.” At the end of the book, my mom tells my dad that they will have a baby. Yep, that would be me. Hee hee, ha ha. Ooops, I may have given away a spoiler.


Amazon Kindle:

Barnes & Noble:


The Major’s fourth book is a sequel to the third. It’s called, “The Hawkins: Army of One.” I play a big part in this one. I’m eleven and turn twelve. My two brothers and adopted sister are introduced in this book also. They said I could post their pictures at the end. I’ll think about it. This is when my dad went on a Top Secret mission and nearly got killed. I was not happy when I found out some things about that mission later, especially the part about him almost dying at the hands of ISIS.

At the BookFest, the Major will have a complete novel (Love in the House of War and The Hawkins: Army of One together as Part 1 and 2), and two novellas, the same two separated. He’ll have other books too but I’ll let you go see for yourself. Oh, he has cool prizes to give away to lucky readers. Stop by his table—you’ll see a poster of me!

Okay, here is my brother Caleb. He’s thirteen. Ha—he’s trying to look like a “tuff-guy.”



Here’s the poster of me that the Major will have at the BookFest. Notice the American Flag! (Smile).



That’s it for this week! I hope the Major does well at his BookFest. I’ll let you know next week. Also with his health! Praying for you Major Scott!


Asha Hawkins (One each)

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Asha’s Ramblins’ Indie Author BookFest 2017-Orlando

portraitHello everyone! Asha here for another week of Ramblins’. Before I go on, please take a moment to pray for Puerto Rico, Mexico, and western USA. The hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires have been devastating to so many.  I feel so terrible for all those people. Prayer does work, by the way—always has. Although the book of Revelations describes these events, we will one day be led to springs of living water and God will wipe every tear from our eyes. You can find that in chapter 7.


Now, about other books. Major Scott’s attendance at the Indie Author BookFest 2017 is next week! We are both excited. He will be on the Young Authors Session panel for young aspiring authors and the “Character Counts” panel. I’m sure he will be talking about me—his favorite character—Hee hee, ha ha. He will also be giving away free gifts! If you attend this event, you should stop by his table and check out his books and other cool stuff, like pictures of his Army deployments. He’ll have contests to win books and other goodies as well.

At the end of my Ramblins’ I’ll post a photo of his advertisement for this event. The BookFest should be really cool. Oh, and his assistant for the book signing part will be his granddaughter, Charlotte. Sorry I couldn’t make it…school in Tennessee, you know.

Major Scott will feature his autobiography/memoirs-All I Could Be, his time travel novella-Duty Recall, two novels-Love in the House of War and Millennial Girl, and two short stories under B100ks-Crossroads and Two Tickets To Paradise.

Well, I’m about out of my word count today. Next week maybe I’ll introduce my two brothers and they might let me post their pictures. We’ll see. I know how to bribe them—Hee hee, ha ha.

Asha Hawkins (One each)


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Asha’s ramblins’ and afterthoughts

Hey everyone, Asha here. Sorry I’m late, but I had a lot of homework today. Go figure.

On the bright side of Hurricane Irma, many people, including Major Scott and his family, made it through without great heartache. There are those still without power however and many whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the wind and floods. These people still need our prayer and more importantly, our help.

Something bothers me though about this hurricane tracking thing. After Irma moved on, people still lost their lives because they either forgot or did not know the traffic laws when coming to intersections without functional traffic lights. Drivers are supposed to treat the intersection like a four-way STOP. Many did not…and it cost them.

The other post-hurricane tragedy was the loss of lives by carbon monoxide poisoning when using generators indoors.  So, this is what’s bothering me—why do newscasters spend so much time yackity-yacking about the same things over and over, some of them while standing in the middle of high winds for crying out loud, and forget to remind people about the traffic light laws and using generators indoors? Hmm? Maybe next time—before the fact.

In sports—I’m skipping the NFL because, well, my dad is a career soldier and this disrespecting the flag business is not my cup of tea. In fact, I am so annoyed about it. I would say more but may come across as not being too nice…so, moving on. I mean, I am a nice girl, right? And I don’t want to stay ruffled. Hee hee, ha ha. How about those Cleveland Indians in major league baseball? Really cool! They go for the record tonight—I think.

If you are a book fan, do not forget the Indie Author BookFest 2017 in Orlando, Florida! It runs from 29 September through 1 October. Major Scott will have his books there and if you want, you can read all about how my mom and dad met in Afghanistan and about my brothers, my new sister, and me when I was eleven—turning twelve. That’s when my dad stood face-to-face with an ISIS commander in Iraq. For more on this Book Fest, please go to

Time to close for the week. I like this following verse from the book of Proverbs so I’ll share it. “A heart of peace gives life to the body.” That is found in chapter 14 in case you were wondering. Have a great week everyone!

Asha (One each)

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Depressed young woman sitting on sofa embracing knees with handsHey everyone, Asha here. I hope you are doing okay—I mean, do you ever get that feeling of…being overwhelmed sometimes? That’s me now—although it’s not all bad.
I told you last week that Major Scott had a heart attack and had to spend four days in the hospital. He is doing okay now, recovering with rest and medications. He still cannot drive anywhere or go to work yet. His wife took off from school to take him to his Cardiologist appointment and after waiting nearly two hours was informed that he would not be coming in and he would have to reschedule for the next day. As Pooh would say, “Oh bother.”

The other thing is that Major Scott’s dad was admitted to the hospital after he arrived back home in Tennessee. He has Shingles and a high fever. At least he made it back home safely.

Now, as America turns their attention from Hurricane Harvey to the massive Hurricane Irma, Major Scott and his family will hunker down like the rest of the Floridians in preparation for the worse but hoping for the best. Folks from south Florida are already evacuating north.

Texans are still recovering or trying to, from Hurricane Harvey and could face another one in its wake, Hurricane Katia in the Gulf of Mexico. Ahh, does it ever end. I am glad that I live in Tennessee but that’s rather selfish of me not to think of others and their plight. So, I have been praying in our prayer room—earnestly.

I found that the most comforting words for the weary—like me sometimes…hee hee, ha ha, are from the book of Psalms, my personal favorite. So, here’s a quote that I’ve meditated on and will share with y’all.

“Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever. They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” –Psalm 111:2; 112: 6, 7
Keep your heart steadfast Major Scott. The rest of y’all too—please.


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Psalm 91

007 Front of tentDuring my twenty-five year career in the Army from 1980 to 2005, I deployed to the war zone in the Middle East on four different occasions. Each deployment presented its own unique mission challenges and the experiences that accompanied them. To learn more in specific detail, please go to:

When I was on my first deployment in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm, I decided to memorize Psalm 91. One night as I was standing outside my tent near the Kuwait border in the desert of Saudi Arabia, I watched the orange glow over the horizon where our Air Force had been bombing the smithereens out of the Iraqi forces on the front lines. Then I remembered Psalm 91:9 & 10. “If you say, ‘The Lord is my refuge,’ and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.”

Days later when truckloads of Iraq prisoners arrived at the Kibrit prisoner of war camp, my driver and I counted sixty per truckload with a line of sixty trucks, giving a fair estimate at 3600 enemy soldiers compared to a hundred or so Marines, Special ops. and National Guard MPs. The verse from Psalm 91:7 came to mind: “A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.”

Fifteen years later, I remembered Psalm 91 when preparing for bed one night while on an assignment in Baghdad. I heard the swishing sound of rockets fly overhead followed by thunderous explosions approximately two miles away. I prayed, “Lord, cover me with your feathers and under your wings may I find refuge. May your faithfulness be my shield and rampart. I do not need to fear the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies by day” (Psalm 91:4 & 5).


Living area pad 11

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female eyes behind fanHello everyone ~ Asha here. This week has been crazy bad. I know I’m a day late but never a dollar short. Go figure. The author of my character, Major Scott, had a myocardial infarction—or putting it in plain language, a heart attack. Yikes! Fortunately, after four days in the hospital with great care, medications, and lots of prayer, from many of you, he is back home and doing better. He’ll have to take it easy, make some lifestyle changes, and eventually go through cardio rehab but his spirits are still high and he is still faithful.
He still wanted me to Blog, probably because I’m his favorite character—hee hee, ha ha, so here I am. School is going well and the family is well.
Now for the big news event. At the end of this month, September 28th through October 1st, Orlando will be hosting the annual Indie Author BookFest 2017. The four-day event will be held at The Westin Lake Mary, Orlando North on 2974 International Parkway. This is in Lake Mary, FL 32746.
This Indie BookFest is an annual author-reader event focuses both on author continuing education and on reader interaction. IBF17 will include a full day of workshops and panels aimed at authors of all experience levels, FanFare, an evening occasion where readers and authors meet in a relaxed environment, a keynote speech, reader-focused panels, a three-hour long signing open to the public and a Saturday night party.
Major Scott will be there with his five published books and details on contests involving me. I will not be there in person but will be on a cool poster instead…hee ha. If ya’ll can, come by and see the displays of more than eighty authors and their published books. For more information, please visit:
Well, before I go, please pray for Major Scott and all the people in Texas and Louisiana affected by Hurricane Harvey. Lord, give strength and wisdom to all those who help and those who need help this day. Amen.


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