Asha’s ramblins’ and afterthoughts

Hey everyone, Asha here. Sorry I’m late, but I had a lot of homework today. Go figure.

On the bright side of Hurricane Irma, many people, including Major Scott and his family, made it through without great heartache. There are those still without power however and many whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the wind and floods. These people still need our prayer and more importantly, our help.

Something bothers me though about this hurricane tracking thing. After Irma moved on, people still lost their lives because they either forgot or did not know the traffic laws when coming to intersections without functional traffic lights. Drivers are supposed to treat the intersection like a four-way STOP. Many did not…and it cost them.

The other post-hurricane tragedy was the loss of lives by carbon monoxide poisoning when using generators indoors.  So, this is what’s bothering me—why do newscasters spend so much time yackity-yacking about the same things over and over, some of them while standing in the middle of high winds for crying out loud, and forget to remind people about the traffic light laws and using generators indoors? Hmm? Maybe next time—before the fact.

In sports—I’m skipping the NFL because, well, my dad is a career soldier and this disrespecting the flag business is not my cup of tea. In fact, I am so annoyed about it. I would say more but may come across as not being too nice…so, moving on. I mean, I am a nice girl, right? And I don’t want to stay ruffled. Hee hee, ha ha. How about those Cleveland Indians in major league baseball? Really cool! They go for the record tonight—I think.

If you are a book fan, do not forget the Indie Author BookFest 2017 in Orlando, Florida! It runs from 29 September through 1 October. Major Scott will have his books there and if you want, you can read all about how my mom and dad met in Afghanistan and about my brothers, my new sister, and me when I was eleven—turning twelve. That’s when my dad stood face-to-face with an ISIS commander in Iraq. For more on this Book Fest, please go to

Time to close for the week. I like this following verse from the book of Proverbs so I’ll share it. “A heart of peace gives life to the body.” That is found in chapter 14 in case you were wondering. Have a great week everyone!

Asha (One each)

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