Why I Write

            Ad for 4-25-15I love writing so when many folks ask me, “What do you write?” I don’t hesitate to share with them about my current projects. I derive my stories from eighteen years of traveling the world as a missionary kid (MK) and twenty-five years of being in the Army with tours that included four to the Middle East and a three-year tour in Berlin when the wall stood.

My genre contains military historic fiction in that although the settings are real (post 9/11 Afghanistan) (present day Iraq with ISIS), the story line covers romance, suspense, espionage, techno-thriller, YA, futuristic, and paranormal. All have an underlining life lesson of love conquering evil.

Currently, I am working on a three-book project. The first book, “Love in the House of War,” begins with Special Forces soldier, Ron Hawkins, rescuing an Afghan girl, Shararah, from the Taliban. The two fall in love while on the run through the Hindu Kush Mountains.

The second in the series, “Flame in Paradise” takes place in 2014 as the two live in America while raising three children, and Ron preparing for retirement. However, he is sent on one more mission, a top secret task to help a Sunni chief who requested him specifically to help his family against ISIS.

The third book, “Asha” is set in 2022, when their daughter, Asha, turns 18, is accepted into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point while simultaneously being recruited by the CIA.

The official release date for “Love in the House of War” is set for June 16, 2015 by Tate Publishing. Pre-orders can be obtained at: http://ow.ly/LYDBJ

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