Falling for You

cover.jpg      Standing by the fire, Ron glanced down at Shararah. Her eyes closed, she looked so peaceful, undisturbed by the ongoing situation or whatever life she lived in the past. Maybe she was dreaming of being whisked away by a prince and taken to paradise after all, he thought. Ron enjoyed sharing with her about growing up, religion, current events, and anything that came to mind. Shararah amazed him with her knowledge and grasp of a global perspective.

He watched her admiringly. There was something mysterious, thrilling and enchanting about Shararah. Her charm, intelligence, and resourcefulness captivated him. Ron thoroughly enjoyed being with her, even under the circumstances entrenched with life and death surrounding them. One thing for certain, he had a very difficult time thinking about anyone, or for that matter, anything else in the whole world except for this girl he’d only met the day before.  Here they were, both struggling for their very lives, together, in some cavernous hideout.

Shararah stirred a bit and then suddenly opened her eyes in fright, sitting up quickly. Her sudden movement startled Ron causing him to tumble backwards over a rock, planting hard on his rear, kicking up a small cloud of dirt. Shararah giggled as Ron gathered himself together while brushing off the seat of his pants.

“That’s twice since you have met me. Maybe you are falling for me?”

“How did you know?” Ron said laughing.

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