“Heart, Soul, & Fire”

cover                                     Shararah in paradise                               Asha2

Love in the House of War

A Flame in Paradise

Asha-Protector of Fire

“Love in the House of War,” is the first of three books in a series called, “Heart, Soul, & Fire.” The saga begins when Special Forces medic, Ron Hawkins rescues Afghan nurse, Shararah from the Taliban. As they escape through the Hindu Kush Mountains, a beautiful, engaging romance and love develop between them. Will they survive and live their dream together? “A Flame in Paradise” depicts the turmoil of today’s time as Shararah raises a family at Fort Campbell, Kentucky while her father, a prominent leader in Ukraine, faces the Russians, and her husband, is in northern Iraq helping the Kurds defend the Kirkuk oil fields against ISIS.

“Asha-Protector of Fire,” is about Shararah’s daughter, Asha, and her heroic efforts to keep her family together and alive.


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