Love in the House of War-Blog


EXCERPT from Day 6

Ron and Shara peered into the night sky together while a few scattered clouds moved
along like a curtain before a big play. After about ten minutes, Shara gained
enough courage to move her hand ever so slowly on top of Ron’s hand. He did not remove it.

To her surprising delight, he slowly turned his hand around to feel the palm of
hers and took it fully into his. Then Ron turned to look at her to see how she
might react. Shara stared into the night sky, her mouth wide with a joy, her
teeth, gleaming as if they reflected the sparkling lights. Slowly, still staring
into the night sky, she pulled their held hands to her cheek and then clasped
them with her free hand, now holding his with both of hers. Then, she brought
the hands up to her soft face and just held them there as she leaned her head
into his hand.

Many thoughts and feelings flooded Ron’s mind at that moment and the only fitting
things he could think of were the words to some old songs from the past:

I’m feeling that feeling again, I’m playing a game I can’t win,
Love’s knocking on the door. Think I’ll let her in.
Tell me, Princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?
Indescribable feelings…through an endless diamond

He wondered if at this exact moment she felt the same towards him as he did for
her. By taking his hand the way she did, Ron had some hopes that maybe she did
have some feelings for him and could even one day continue with the same

“I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far, and I can’t go back
to where I used to be.”

If this were true, which is what Ron had hoped, then someday, they both could
finish this song together:

“Every moment gets better…let me share this whole new world with

Shara turned slowly to look at Ron while still holding his hand. Ron looked into her
eyes. For two seconds, they simply stared at each other and smiled. Then, slowly, Ron moved his head towards Shara’s face. She responded by moving towards him. Their lips, once separated by two feet of space, were now inches from touching and moving closer.

Suddenly, chattering voices broke the silence! Both Ron and Shara stopped and listened
intently. The men were speaking Pashto and they were just below the cliff wall. Halting their desire for each other, Ron held up his finger to his mouth. Shara’s beautiful eyes widened with fright.

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