Love in the House of War


Ron took aim and shot one of the guards behind the girl while Chris took care of the other one in like fashion. Shararah ran towards the back of the building next to the mosque. Suddenly, shots rang out from several buildings, all in the direction of Ron, Chris, and Mohaqeq, who went down with a shot to the leg.

“Come on!” Ron shouted. Both Ron and Chris ran towards Mohaqeq, firing their weapons, now on fully automatic, towards the areas where the firing seemed to originate. Chris stopped where Mohaqeq lay while Ron kept running towards Shararah, who had taken cover behind a wall, just ten feet from Khan. Chris began to lift Mohaqeq up when bullets seemed to be spraying all around them. Ron reached the girl and started to bring her back through the haze of bullets.

“No! I know a better way!” Shararah shouted in English. “Follow me!”

The two of them ran behind the building and across a field towards a wood line at the base of a mountain. She immediately led Ron up a path heading up the mountain leading south. Ron seemed hesitant. “Come, now!” Shararah shouted. “Those were Taliban who were hiding and waiting for you! There are many! It is a trap! I know where we can hide in safety for the moment.”

Ron heard an increase in popping sounds, many of which were from American M4s. Just when Chris thought that it couldn’t get any worse, a heavy volume of return fire came from other members of his team, along with Masood’s men. They were firing back at the hideouts where the Taliban were shooting from. Soon the gunfire stopped.

Ron began urging Shararah to return with him towards his team until six Taliban soldiers came running from the building towards their location. The imam, Atta Khan, was among them.

“Come now! Please hurry!” Ron decided not to shoot at the men but let off a quick spray of bullets in front of them causing them to take cover. Then, he followed Shararah up the path. She moved briskly with predetermined gusto, knowing her destination quite well. Ron kept up, surprised by her fast-pace, with an occasional glance over his shoulder to see how closely they were being pursued.

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