Eternal Eye

David scanned the television screen and was both fascinated and confused by what he saw as revealing signs to his dilemma. He surmised that he was either going through a very weird real-like dream, or else, somehow had slipped back into the past. Maybe, I quite simply, died and gone to heaven! David discounted his last option because he grew up believing that Jesus would meet him and usher him into paradise, and Walter Reed was no paradise.

Sherry walked back into the hospital room. “I found the latest Time magazine in the waiting area.”

David snatched it from her hand, leaving her a bit bewildered. The magazine cover showed a young girl, looking like she was in her late teens or early twenties holding a one-year-old girl on her shoulders. The caption read, “The Gift of Love: Story of Miracles and Moral Dilemmas.”

More astonishing to David was the date on the cover, June 17, 1991! He opened the first page to read the contents. One sub title caught his eye immediately. America’s Postwar Mood: Making sure of the Storm.

Sherry could see the expression on David’s face. “What’s wrong, honey?”

“You said that this is the latest edition of Time?”

“Yes, I think so, why?” She snatched it back from him, with a smile, to look over the cover. “Yes, see?” She said thrusting it back in his face while pointing at the date.

David swallowed hard. He could no longer deny that something very strange and unexplainable occurred. Details of the plane crash he just experienced in the year 2003 AD would not escape him; the pain he felt, the screams he heard, the body parts he saw, the taste of Iraqi sand in his mouth, were all very real. Somehow he must have survived but if he did…David could not rationalize his current condition. Maybe I am still in a coma, somewhere in limbo between life on earth and eternity in heaven. How much should I try to understand? How much explanation should I search? How much-?

“Honey? Are you okay?” Sherry asked with grave concern.

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