Post Traumatic Stress In Order- PTSIO

010 portrait at LZ WasIn the year 2009, four years after retiring from a twenty-five year Army career, I was diagnosed with PTSD, or, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So, I did a tour during Desert Storm and three to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). I still didn’t like the term, “disorder”. To me it is a misnomer indicating that here is an element of human disorder, which further indicated a malady or illness existed in me.  To quote a couple of terms from the eighties, “What’s up with that?” “I’m not down with it.” Nor should anybody else be comfortable with the word, “disorder”.


Now, before I go on, let me get something straight with everyone first. I am not denying that anybody who deployed to a combat zone at any time is not without some kind of post-traumatic stress. How could we not be? However, rather than looking at it as a disorder, we should learn from our experiences and make the most of our present situation to share our lessons learned and become productive members of society for the future generation.

The Blog featured today, an introduction, is the first in a series of Blogs that will feature a variety of activities and opportunities for individual furtherance of themselves in five primary general areas. These are:

1. Spiritual
2. Physical
3. Mental
4. Social
5. Emotional

Each week, Blogs will feature guest Bloggers as well as my own. Volunteer feedback Blogs can feature specific events, activities, meetings, clubs, etc. in an effort to expand social communication amongst veterans, beginning in the Orlando and surrounding Central Florida area.

Your feedback and contact information (Email) is encouraged. Please contact me directly at: Please consider adding your own thoughts and experiences as a guest Blogger. You would certainly have a voice.

Thank you for your consideration.

Scott A. Meehan
USA, MAJ (Ret.)

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